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STOIK product upgrade.

If you’re registered user of one or more STOIK products, you can get a free copy of any minor updates (changes in number right from decimal point in product version) for your products. This means that if you have purchased version 5.0 of the product, you will get all the further 5.x versions (e.g. 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, etc) for free.

Once a next major update (changes in number left from decimal point in product version — 2.0, 3.0, etc.) of the software you have previously purchased is released, you can upgrade for 40% off the end-user price.

If the next major update is released within 90 days from your previous version purchase, you are entitled to a free upgrade.

Please submit request to our support team for instructions on how to receive your upgrade.
Please mention in your request:

  • your STOIK product version;
  • serial key;
  • registration name;
  • date of purchase;
  • order ID (optional).

We will send you back new registration key for your software.


The discounts are only available if you are purchasing the next version of software you have already purchased; otherwise, no discounts are available. For example, if you have purchased version 1.x and now you want to purchase version 3.x you have to pay the full price.