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How to generate more smooth transition between original and deformed images

Deformer always generates 5 intermediate output frames between two successive keyframes. To make transition more smooth add more intermediate keframes:

1. After deforming the picture you have only two keframes - Start and Finish. The transition length in AVI will be only 5 frames and will look too quick and abrupt during playback.

 STOIK Deformer - filmstrip with preview

2. Add multiple copies of FINISH keframe to the filmstrip using context menu command 'Duplicate'

STOIK Deformer - filmstrip contex menu 

Note: To generate AVI with the length of N frames you will need N/5 keframes

3. Activate keyframe #2 (next to START keyframe). Drag POWER slider down to e.g. 10% of its length

STOIK Deformer - filmstrip with preview

4. Click on image. POWER slider will jump to upmost position.
Note: The degree of deformation in keframe #2 now is approx 10% compared to FINISH keframe

5. Repeat steps 3-4 with successive keframes gradually increasing the hight of POWER slider

6. Save AVI

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