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Reduce ISO Noise in your digital photo.

1. Open image file with Open button  STOIK Noise AutoFix - open icon or Open command from File menu. You also can drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer to the program window. 

2 Click Reduce Noise button STOIK Noise AutoFix - remove noise icon
Note: Sometimes the program may report the insufficient memory. In this case, close program and all other applications and increase page file size in My Computer - Properties - Performance Options - Advanced - Virtual Memory.

3. Save file if you are satisfied with results using Save, Save As commands of File menu or press Save button STOIK Noise AutoFix - save.

Click Original  STOIK Noise AutoFix - undo or revert to original if you want to revert to the original state of the photo.

Hint: press and hold Spacebar to view the original for quick visual comparison. You can also change display brightness and contrast using shortucts



Use automatic settings if EXIF ISO information is available.

If checked (default), the program will adjust settings according to the information about ISO level and camera model it reads from EXIF header, and ignore all manual settings. Consequently, if you want to change settings manually, you need to switch this option off. To fine tune the performance select one of the predefined set of parameters from Presets. To adjust parameters manually selectCustom from the list of Presets:

Noise Detection

Sensitivity (0..5) - this parameter defines level of overall sensitivity of the noise detector. With higher sensitivity more image elements will be treated as noisy and a resulting image will be more smooth and soft. Low values 0 - 2 are recommended for photos taken in standard conditions with digital cameras. Higher values should be used for photos from low-grade cameras, cameraphones or high ISO speed ratings. You may need to increase the Sensitivity manually if only noise present in the photo is of the type shown on the examples below, because this noise would not be filtered if Sensitivity is low.

STOIK Noise AutoFixSTOIK Noise AutoFix

Noise Filtering

Strength (0..100) - this parameter controls what percentage of detected noise will be removed.Strength can be set in the range from 0% (no noise is removed) to 100% (all detected noise is removed). High values over 70% may result to less natural look of the filtered image and are recommended only for very noisy images. Lower values can be used for low-noise images with fine textures such as sand.

originalStrength = 50Strength = 80
STOIK Noise AutoFix - originalSTOIK Noise AutoFix - noise filtering strength 50STOIK Noise AutoFix - noise filtering strength 80

Details Preservation (0..20) - this parameter defines the sensitivity of the noise filter to fine image details. With higher details preservation parameter more image elements will be treated as details and thus preserved in the resulting image. Values over 8 are recommended for high quality digital photos.

originalDetails = 1Details = 10
STOIK Noise AutoFix - details originalSTOIK Noise AutoFix - details preservation1STOIK Noise AutoFix - details preservation 10
STOIK Noise AutoFix - details originalSTOIK Noise AutoFix - details preservation1STOIK Noise AutoFix - details preservation 10

Sharpening check box turns on the sharpening filter. It is recommended to disable the sharpening filter during testing and adjustment of the noise filter because if the sharpening is enabled, the program does not pop up the warning message when it fails to detect noise in the photo.

originalSharpening OFFSharpening ON
STOIK Noise AutoFix - sharpening originalSTOIK Noise AutoFix - sharpening offSTOIK Noise AutoFix - sharpening ON

View and Browse

You can zoom in  STOIK Noise AutoFix - zoom in and zoom out STOIK Noise AutoFix - zoom out. Select Zoom to 1:1 command of View menu to display photo in actual pixels (pixel-to-pixel). Run Fit In Window command to stretch the picture to fit in program window.

Next and Previous buttons allow browsing photos in current folder. STOIK Noise AutoFix - previousSTOIK Noise AutoFix - next

 Useful shortcuts

  • Enter. Press Enter to process the photo.
  • Spacebar. Press Spacebar to quickly switch between displaying original and processed photo.
  • Up, Down. Press Up and Down keyboard arrow buttons to increase or decrease preview brightness*.
  • Page UpPage Down. Press Page Up and Page Down keyboard buttons to increase or decrease preview contrast*.
  • Home Resets display brightness and contrast.
  • Ctrl+P Opens Options dialog.
  • Ctrl+Shift+F1 Starts Assistant.

* Only display brightness and contrast are changed, actual pixel values remain unchanged. Values of current display brightness and contrast are shown in the status bar.

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