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How to create multiple images morphing with STOIK MorphMan.

  1. Open "image1" as source and "image2" as target.
  2. Place markers and define output options (such as number of frames and frame size) as necessary
  3. Save project as porject1.mpj.
  4. Run menu Markers-[More]-Swap. This will bring image2 with markers you already have set to Source window.
  5. Run File-Target-Load Image and load image3.
  6. Adjust marker positions on target.
  7. Save project as porject2.mpj
    Repeat steps 4-7 as necessary.
  8. Run File-Render* and choose all project1.mpj, project2.mpj ... you created - they will be rendered to single output movie or image sequence
    versions: 4.0, 2000

* note: File-Render command and render to Flash is available in v.4.0 only. You can render multiple mpj projects with version 2000 using batch render mode described in online help.

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