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Working with STOIK MorphMan 2000 "Mask" option.

Let us consider a morphing process between two images with slightly changed conditions.

The idea is to transform one girl’s face into another without changing the clothes. This means the morphing should affect only the face and hair, and the result will be the girl #2 dressed like the girl #1.

STOIK MorphMan 2000 - working with mask. Source images.

Step 1.
Create markers.

Please open the MorphMan 2000 program. First open the Source image, which is to be transformed: File - source - image. Then open the Target image, which is the morphing result: File - target - image.
Let us set the key zones (See lesson "Getting started with STOIK MorphMan 2000"), and now we are starting the Mask definition.

STOIK MorphMan 2000 - creating markers

Step 2.
Create mask.

The Mask is the picture area, which should not be transformed. Please activate the Source image, and select Mask - Add - Polygon. The “polygon” option is used to select a closed free-shaped area. If the desired area has some definite shape, we can use the “circle” or “rectangle” option, while the “line” option is universal for all shapes.

Now let us click on the desired area border, e.g. the shirt edge in our example. A point appears. Then we click several points all around the area border. All the points which appeared now are connected with lines, and this is how we have surrounded the desired area.

STOIK MorphMan 2000 - creating mask

Step 3.
Mask properties.

Please select Mask - Mask properties. Our task is to make the transformation happen outside the Mask: Mask properties – Blend - Outside; Mask properties – Keep - Source.

We have selected to perform all the changes outside the Mask, while the Mask itself is represented with a part of the source image.

STOIK MorphMan 2000 - mask property  STOIK MorphMan 2000 - mask preview

Step 4.
Transform mask.

Let us activate the Target by clicking on it. For your comfort you can scroll through the frames in the “Preview” window, until you see that about 50% of the morphing has been performed. Select any intermediate frame and correct the Mask shape using Mask - Vertexes if necessary; you can also move the whole Mask using Mask - Shape. The correction will be immediately displayed in the “Preview” window.

STOIK MorphMan 2000 - mask transform.

Now you can move points using Mask - Transform - Scale/Rotate/Skew/Perspective, and get either ideal areas matching, or some other, perhaps absolutely unexpected results.

STOIK MorphMan 2000 - mask transform  STOIK MorphMan 2000 - mask transform

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