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How to clean teeth … with STOIK Imagic

If you have a photo with annoying tint on teeth you can easily remove it with STOIK Imagic. Just follow 10 simple steps provided below.

1. Select folder with your photos.

2. Select photo to process.

3. Open photo in Photo edit mode (just press green “Photo” button).

4. On Drawing Bar in left bottom corner select white color for drawing, for this click on More color choices and select white color.

5. On Drawing Bar select Brush (top second from right icon on Drawing Bar). You can select drawing mode by clicking on small bottom-right triangle on icon. Select Color Brush.

6. Select Paper Texture – None and Paint Tool – Marker.

7. Draw with the mouse on the teeth.

8. You can manage your brush size with Brush Size control on Drawing Bar or by Zoom In/Out of photo.

9. You can also select brush edge smoothness with Edge Style control.

10. To correct errors use Eraser mode or Undo Last Painting Action control.
Below you can see an example with before and after images.

How to clean teeth with STOIK Imagic - Source image.     How to clean teeth with STOIK Imagic - Resault image.
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