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How to enlarge images up to 10 times without losing the quality with STOIK Smart Resizer

More information and FREE Download of STOIK Imagic and STOIK Smart Resizer

Text version of video tutorial.

There could be a lot of situations when you will need to resize images. One of the most common is when you are trying to print photo with high resolution printer on large format paper. Actually near to any graphics application could resize images. The main problem is that most of these programs uses standard enlargement algorithms. As a result – enlarged photos loose details and look blurred. Stoik Smart Resizer offers proprietary advanced algorithms which allows enlarge images up to 10 times without losing the quality. From this brief tutorial you will know how to enlarge your photo with Stoik Smart resizer.

For this tutorial I've prepared a simple photo taken by Apple iPhone 4. Now I want to crop part of the image and leave only one meerkat.
I've already prepared cropped image. Now take a look at it. 
As you can see, during cropping image been reduced more than 3 times.
Now I want to enlarge this image for further printing. To do this I have to open it in Stoik Smart Resizer.

If you have installed latest versions of Stoik Imagic and Stoik Smart Resizer, you can enjoy seamless integration of these programs. In our case you can easily send image directly from Stoik Imagic to Stoik Smart Resizer. To do so, select desired image in Browser. Select Extras from top menu.

From drop-down list click on Smart Resizer option.
Stoik Smart Resizer will start and selected image will be automatically loaded.
First of all I need to set up printer resolution. In our case this will be 300 Dot per inch. Click on Standard button.

Select 300 dpi from drop-down list.  Now I need set up output paper size. To do so, click on Paper button.
Now you can see, that according to our settings image has been enlarged almost 4 times in each dimension. Now, take a closer look at different available resizing algorithms.
As you can see our current resizing method is an old-fashioned Bicubic. Now try to switch to advanced Stoik image enlargement algorithm.
To do so, click on Algorithm button.

Select Advanced for Natural Scenes item from drop-down list. Wait until image been processed. Now, you can see that way more details been preserved in result image in comparison with bicubic algorithm.
Try to switch between different resizing methods to achieve preferable results.

When you will be satisfied with result, you can save enlarged image. To do so, click on Save button.
Select desired folder.
Type desired file name for resized file.
Click on Save button to save file.
After saving will be finished you can find enlarged file in your desired directory.
And that's all!

Now you know how to enlarge images up to 10 times without losing the quality with Stoik Smart Resizer.
Get Free version of Stoik Smart Resizer and Stoik Imagic from and try to experiment with your own images.
Thank you for your attention!
And stay tuned to our channel!

More information and FREE Download of STOIK Imagic and STOIK Smart Resizer

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