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How to convert multiple video files for Apple iPod

How to convert multiple video files for Apple iPod.

STOIK Video Converter Pro makes it easy to produce videos matching any specifications. The tool can produce files playable on almost any dedicated or portable video player, and makes video clips compatible with most online video upload services.

Below you can find brief tutorial how to convert multiple video files for specific device – Apple iPod. Of cause you can choose any other profile from the list of more than 275 device and online video hosting service provided with STOIK Video Converter.

If you already have installed latest version of STOIK Video Converter, you can skip steps 1 and 2

1. Download STOIK Video Converter Pro from STOIK Imaging site.

2. Install STOIK Video Converter on your computer.

To do so unzip downloaded file to any folder and run setup.exe file. Follow onscreen instructions.

3. Add input files.

Run the program and choose Multiple Input Files command (Edit menu) or press STOIK Video Converter - manage input files toolbar button. Manage Input Files dialog box will appear.

STOIK Video Converter - load multiple files

Press STOIK Video Converter - add files Add button. Select video files in standard Windows Open dialog box. Their filenames and paths appear in the list.

STOIK Video Converter - manage input files

You can add more files, replace STOIK Video Converter - replace files them, delete STOIK Video Converter - delete files from the list and change STOIK Video Converter - change order, Up STOIK Video Converter - change order, Down their order. When finished Press OK.

Now you should see that "Multiple Input Files..." string will appear in Input file(s) box.

4. Set the output file name and location.

To setup out put file name and location use Browse for Output File command (Edit menu) or press button STOIK Video Converter - set output filename on the main screen.
The file name and path appear in Output file list box and will be remembered there. You don’t need to set an extension. The program will selects it depending on chosen output profile.

STOIK Video Converter - setup output file

5. Choose output device profile.

Select the output preset in Output format list. Each preset contains complete set of output file parameters such as frame size, frame rate, video and audio compression scheme and their properties.

STOIK Video Converter - output device preset

In our case please choose Devices->Apple->iPod Touch and press OK button.

STOIK Video Converter - select Apple iPod preset from device list

6. Set output files option

Important! If you want to merge the selected video files into a single output file, turn off Each clip (file) to separate file option.

STOIK Video Converter - set separate files output option

To convert the selected videos in a batch mode to separate files, check this box and turn on Each clip (file) to separate file option.
The program will generate the output filenames automatically adding a number (in form of 000N) to the filename you entered in Output file box.

7. Start convertion

Now you can start the conversion by Record to File command (Render menu) or click on STOIK Video Converter - start video file convertion Record button.

STOIK Video Converter - start video file convertion

8. Transfer converted files to your Apple iPod.

Enjoy your videos!

Read more about STOIK Video Converter Pro or download STOIK Video Converter Free edition

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