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How to turn photo into oil painting picture with STOIK Imagic

STOIK Imagic has a lot of artistic effects available even in FREE edition. In this tutorial you’ll see how to make oil painted picture from your photos.

1. Open STOIK Imagic (even FREE edition will work out).

2. Select folder with your image.

3. Select desired picture. Also you can use all the power of Find features.

4.Open photo in Photo edit mode (just press green “Photo” tab).

5. On the left bar select Effects – Artistic Effects – Automatic Brush.

6. Select brush size and other parameters. Feel free to play with them.

7. Click “Done” button.
You can see that some detail (eyes and teeth) are destroyed by the effect. Don’t worry – we will correct this on next steps.

8. On Drawing Bar select Eraser (top fourth from left icon on Drawing Bar).

9. Select Erase-Last action option.

10. Draw with the mouse on the details you want to restore.

11. Click “Done” button.

12. Select Image - Save as from menu. Enter desired file name in file save dialogue and click on Save button.

13. Enjoy your painting!

Below you can see an example with before and after images.

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