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How to convert AVI video for your favorite Player

How to convert AVI video for your favorite Player

Got video which you want to watch on your favorite medial player (e.g. Apple iPod, iPad, Sony PSP, BlackBerry etc) and you don’t want to study lots of technical details about video formats conversion - STOIK Video Converter will help you.

STOIK Video Converter Pro makes it easy to produce videos matching any specifications. The tool can produce files playable on almost any dedicated or portable video player, and makes video clips compatible with most online video upload services.

Below you can find brief tutorial how to convert any AVI file to another format.

1. Download STOIK Video Converter from our site.

2. Install STOIK Video Converter on your computer.

3. Run the program and choose the Browse for Input File command (Edit menu) or press button.
Select the video file you want to convert in the Open dialog box and press Open. After you selected the file, its filename and path appear in the Input file(s) list box and are remembered there. Next time you want to convert the same file you can simply choose it in from the list without browsing for it on your computer.

4. Set the output file name and location using the Browse for Output File command (Edit menu) or press button. The file name and path appear in the Output file list box and are remembered there. You don’t need to set an extension. The program selects it depending on the selected output profile.

5. Select the output preset in the Select preset list or press STOIK Video Converter - select output profile button. Choose manufacturer and your player model from the list. Click on OK button.

6. Now you can start the conversion by the Record to File command (Render menu) or Record button.

7. When conversion will finished you can minimize STOIK Video Converter and transfer converted file to you player.

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