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Creating horizontal panorama in STOIK PanoramaMaker for Mac

Follow the steps described below to learn how to create a horizontal panorama in STOIK PanoramaMaker for Mac.

1. Add images to the panorama.

When program starts, it opens the Add Images screen. In this screen you can browse your folders to find and add photos to the panorama.
Select all images in the File List and drag them to the Picture Tray or press button

2. Stitch the images.

Click Stitch tab to open Stitch screen. Click Horizontal/Vertical tab in the Stitch dialog box.
Select Scale only, deselect Compensate lens distortion, Manual matching and 360°.
Press Start Stitching button.
The program will sort and match the loaded images automatically and create panorama at a preview resolution.

3. Render and Export

Click Export tab to open Export screen.
Select Manual crop in the Cropping list to enable cropping after the panorama is rendered. If Manual crop is selected, the program will suggest cropping rectangle automatically, but you can adjust the cropping rectangle manually.

Press Start button. The program will render a full-resolution panorama and perform a defined crop.
Once the panorama is rendered, you can save (using Export to graphic file button) or Print the panorama.

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