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How to create 3D stereo images with mobile phone camera

The basic idea of 3D photography is that there needs to be two pictures seen from slightly different angles, just like the two eyes in our head are slightly separated. Ideally the two pictures are taken at the same instant, but this is not possible unless you have a special camera or two cameras the same.

But sometimes we have no camera at all. Below you can find step by step instruction how to shoot and create anaglyph with your mobile phone and STOIK Imagic. In this tutorial all photos had been made with Nokia 5800 mobile phone with 3.2 megapixel camera but of course this method applicable to any mobile phone camera models.


Since there is no special camera the only way was taking two pictures quickly one after the other with a slight horizontal movement of the camera in between. The movement would normally be about 6 cm or 2.5 inches to match our eyes.

Some tips for better stereo images shooting.

1. Your target should stay still. Otherwise use special stereo cameras (e.g. from Fujifilm).

2. Subject should be 10-15 (3-4.5 m) feet away from camera for better stereo effect.

3. Move camera horizontally (parallel to your eyes) at the same lever

Bellow you can see our sample results (click on preview to zoom). View full-size left and right  images . 

Improving the quality of mobile phone camera pictures.

As you can see quality of photos from Nokia 5800 is far from good. You can see JPEG artifacts, colors misbalance and high level of noise. This is very common situation for mobile phone cameras, even for modern ones.

To improve quality with STOIK Imagic simply:

1. Open folder with pictures uploaded from phone.

2. Select images which you want to improve.

3. Choose from “Tools-Improvement Wizard…” menu or improvement wizard icon on toolbar. Improvement settings dialogue will appear.

STOIK Imagic Improvment wizard

4. For the sake of simplicity this time chose “Save in new folder” option and clear “Show preview” flag. Click on Ok button.

STOIK Imagic Improvement Wizard options

5. You’ll find that new folder (“Improved”) been created with corrected images inside.

Creating of 3D stereo anaglyph image

Now you are ready to create your 3D stereo image. In this tutorial we will create so called “anaglyph” stereo image. But you should know that with STOIK Imagic you could also create “Stereo Pair” type of stereo images.

1. Select first and second pictures (click on pictures thumbnails with "Ctrl" key pressed)

2. Chose “Tools-Stereo-Create Anaglyph” command from menu.
Important: If in the thumbnails window the file corresponds to photo shot at left position is placed first – select ‘First selected image corresponds to left eye’, otherwise select ‘Second selected image corresponds to left eye’.

STOIK Imagic - create anaglyph stereo image

3. Select “Compensate vertical shift” option since you don’t use tripods or special camera. Press OK.

STOIK Imagic - create anaglyph stereo image options

4. Anaglyph stereo image will be created in current folder.

Below you can see resulting anaglyph images (click on preview to zoom). View full-size anaglyph image.

3D stereo images with mobile phone - anaglyph image

How to view 3d stereo anaglyph images

To enjoy stereo effect you need special 3D glasses. In our case you’ll need inexpensive red and blue glasses. Usually they could be found with comic books or with special TV/video game promotions. They also could be bought separately (e.g. here or here).

Read more about STOIK Imagic.

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