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I’m owner of Imagic 5. Can I upgrade to STOIK Imagic Premium.

Owners of STOIK Imagic (version 5) are entitled for free upgrade to STOIK Imagic Premium.

You should follow three simple steps.

  1. Download and install STOIK Imagic.
  2. Submit request to our support team with registration information of your Imagic. Please mention in your request: your STOIK Imagic version, serial key, registration name, date of purchase, order ID (optional). We will send you back new registration key for STOIK Imagic Premium.
  3. Activate Imagic with your new registration key. You should enter it into the activation dialogue available from menu Help -> Activate. A message box with successful activation message should appear after you click OK. If the activation does not work please check that you enter the key precisely as it was given in email (use Copy-Paste) or contact our support team.

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