STOIK Morph Man 2016

Powerful tool for morphing pictures and video

STOIK Morph Man 2016

Morph Man 2016 - Most powerful morphing software for PC. Morph picture to picture and movie to movie
Supports layered and video morphing.

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Video, movies, clips morphing in Morph Man 2016

What is video morphing

The output of Morph Man 2016 program is always a video sequence, but the input can be either still pictures, or videos. Morphing where the original material are video clips is called video-to-video morphing

When you load videos as Source and Target and place transition markers as you do with still images on first and last pairs of clip frames, Morph Man 2016 then automatically places markers in the intermediate position on all other pairs of frames thus defining a sequence of multiple morphs between successive frames of original clips.

You can browse along the project using Sequence Browser window and commands from Sequence menu to manually adjust position of control markers on intermediate frames as necessary.

Once markers are put at their places, Morph Man 2016 will calculate multiple morphing transitions between corresponding frames and generate output movie by taking a single intermediate morph from each pair along the sequence.

STOIK MorphMan sequence browser

Sequence Browser window of Morph Man 2016.

More details and practical advices can be found in program Help and on Morph Man 2016 lessons pages on this site. Note that there is a very informative animated tutorial dedicated to video-to-video morphing in Morph Man 2016 - run menu Help-Tutorial command. Tutor will guide you through all steps of creating a project, and program will actually DO what tutor demonstrates.

When do you need video-to-video morphing

Morph Man 2016 is the best morphing program to split (fade) two videos together.

  • When you stitch two video clips together in video editing program you need really smooth transition.
  • Take two short sequences of frames from the end of first clip and from the beginning of the second clip
  • Create a morphing transition clip between them in Morph Man 2016.
  • Place original clips on one video track in your video editor, and the morphing transition clip - on another track.
  • Compare the results obtained with morphing transition and with standard method (fading).

Stitching clips and morphing transition in a video editor

Stitching clips and morphing transition

  • When you create a special video effect with transformation of one moving object to another, like one shown in the Black Or White video clip by Michael Jackson, where the faces of different people change one into another and in numerous TV commercials

Picture, image morphing in Morph Man 2016 – Morph pictures together

Morph Man 2016 is the best morphing software to merge (fade) two pictures together.

Morph Man 2016 morphing program creates a sequence of intermediate frames that seamlessly transform (merge) one image to another and generates output in a form of movie or image file sequence.

Morphing is facilitated by vector drawing tools for setting transition points, live preview, support of AVI, DV formats.

Morph Man 2016 calculates morphing effect using fast and precise algorithms to achieve higher smoothness and accuracy of transition.

Morph Man 2016 adds new Onion Skin interface mode when Source and Target windows are blended together to facilitate visualization of relative positioning of corresponding markers in Source and Target.

STOIK MorphMan 2016

Morphing project creation and editing in Morph Man 2016

  • Vector drawing tools for fast, easy, and precise positioning of control points and lines (markers)
  • Primitives and shapes for setting control markers
  • Editing of shapes
  • Grouping and ungrouping of markers
  • Transformation tools for groups of control markers
  • 8-bit mask to define region of interest
  • Vector editing tools for mask
  • Fast and precise morphing algorithms
  • Ability to define individual transition path for each control marker or shape
  • Edge detection tools: Smart Polygon and Snap to Edges


  • Import frames from AVI, DV movies
  • Import frames from TWAIN devices
  • Render to AVI, DV movies
  • Render to animated GIF and Flash animation
  • Rendering multiple projects in separate threads
  • Render movies over 2Gb in size
  • Unlimited number of frames in output movie or sequence
  • Printing of output frames

Morphing Interface

  • Dual window (Source and Target) and Onion Skin interface modes
  • Real-time real-mode preview of any frame of the morphing sequence
  • Unlimited Undo of all operations including setting/editing markers and project properties changes
  • Animated tutorial with extendible lessons
  • Context help
  • Swap function for easier sequential morphing
  • Link Windows function for easier setting of control points in distortion morphs
  • Storing workplace layout in morph project

This program is suitable for all users who would like to create cross-stitch patterns of their own design.
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Morph Man 2016