STOIK Smart Resizer

Reduce or Enlarge Images up to 1000% Without Losing Quality

STOIK Smart Resizer

Stoik Smart Resizer software - Powerful and smart Windows photo image resizer program!
Enlarge images, print huge enlargements or upload to demanding stock agencies! The intelligent picture resizing tool allows to change image size: reduce or enlarge digital picture size up to 1000% without losing quality. Whether you’re printing big enlargements or creating tiny thumbnails, the images will maintain their crispness and fine detail.
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Stoik Photo Resizer - Enlarge or Reduce Photos Quickly!

Still thinkihg how quickly resize your photos, enlarge them to make great posters, or reduce to send to your friends or upload via your browser to Facebook account?

Stoik Image Resizer software is a powerful digital picture resizing tool, that allows you to convert, automatically enlarge or compress your photos withoit loss quality – the way you want. Stoik image resizing program shrinks and enlarges pics on-the-fly.

In addition, you can rotate, flip and crop your photos; make color conversion and adjustements, add borders and text, preview the results for each pic.

The image program contains a multiple set of of graphic formats as BMP, JPG, JPG 2000, PNG, GIF, TIFF and lets you convert the images while they’re processed. You may set image quality, format and other specific options that you want. Stoik Smart Resizer can resize single images and also offers a batch processing mode.

Stoik Photo Resizer program is especially useful for such kind of users, that are looking for an easy way to enlarge or reduce images to a desired size.

Smart Image Resizing

STOIK Smart Resizer software makes huge photo enlargements possible with no loss of visual sharpness. A number of proprietary state-of-the-art algorithms help the program achieve the best interpolation results on high-scale resizing. Major benefits of using STOIK Smart Resizer include:

  • No quality loss photo resizing with a proprietary smart interpolation algorithm
  • Includes industry-standard bilinear and bicubic algorithms
  • Instant image preview helps selecting the most appropriate picture resizing algorithm
  • The ability to create high-quality, detailed thumbnails
  • Dozens of predefined resize templates included
  • Batch resizing and blazing-fast operation

Adaptive Photo Enlargement

If using the smart interpolation algorithm to enlarge or shrink images, STOIK Smart Resizer image program will automatically analyze the image being resized, detecting features such as natural textures, lines, and edges, and adaptively interpolate the different parts of the image to preserve visual crispness and image detail.

The Smart Resize algorithm can produce photo enlargements of up to 1000% the original size without obvious signs of loss of visual sharpness.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Image Resizing Algorithm Made Easy

While resizing pics, you will have the choice of quite a few resizing algorithms, including the STOIK proprietary “Smart Resize” option. Which one to choose in a particular situation? While we would love to recommend using the “Smart Resize” algorithm every time, some tasks may require a different approach.

Automatic Preview

STOIK Smart Resizer software allows you to choose a photo resizing algorithm that best fits the job. To help you choose the best algorithm depending on image content and enlargement factor, STOIK Smart Resizer will display an instant preview of a portion of the image being resized once you select a resizing algorithm from the list. Note that some sophisticated algorithms, including STOIK proprietary Smart Resize, may require more time to display a preview.

Batch Resizing

Enlarging a bunch of photos or producing thumbnails out of a thousand images could not be made easier. STOIK Smart Resizer comes with advanced Batch Mode with Filmstrip area for easy image selection.

Select images by placing files into the Filmstrip by dragging and dropping from Windows Explorer or the internal image browser of STOIK Smart Resizer, choose your resizing settings, and click to proceed.

Fast Operation

STOIK Smart Resizer implements blazing fast picture resizing methods to make batch jobs finish as soon as possible.

Built-in Image Browser

STOIK Smart Resizer comes with a fully featured image browser with thumbnail previews, full-screen and 100% view modes. Tree and folder browser modes are supported.

this program delivers on its promise of resizing digital images without any loss of visual sharpness.
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STOIK Smart Resizer
STOIK Smart resizer example (courtesy of
STOIK Smart resizer example (courtesy of
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