STOIK PanoramaMaker (Win)

Create stunning panoramas with ease

STOIK PanoramaMaker (Win)

STOIK PanoramaMaker software (Windows) will create a stunning panorama in just a few clicks. Enjoy making cool panoramic images with Stoik Panorama Maker program! Taking care of overlapping and camera tilt and improve/enhance wrong exposure and colors, STOIK Panorama offers both fully automated and advanced manual panorama stitching. STOIK panorama editor has a rich set of panotools, such as zoom compensation, lens distortion correction, stitching. STOIK panorama maker program is the best panoramic software for stitching excellent multi-row panoramas.
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Create perfect panorama images with photos using STOIK Panorama Maker

STOIK Panorama Maker software is panoramic photo maker and an image stitching program, that let you make huge, surround-view panorama photo from an array of single photographs. Panorama pictures always look awesome and alive to admire. STOIK Panorama Maker photo editor (Windows version) will help you to transform (warp) your pics, photos, portraits into excellent panoramic masterpieces whose angles of view can achieve 360 degrees.

STOIK Panorama Maker software – is a powerful graphic editor to build panoramic images in few clicks. Make gorgeous panorama images with photos with STOIK Panorama Maker! Media management and photo editing tools are designed for efficiently organizing your photo collection.

Turn any set of overlapping photos into a high-quality panoramic image! STOIK Panorama Maker graphic program will account for the differences in under and over exposure and white balance, camera tilt and partial overlapping completely automatically.

The panorama stitching tool can assemble tiled panoramas from several rows of photos to multi-row panorama, and will automatically stitch pictures taken at different zoom levels.

Create Perfect Panoramas with Imperfect Images

STOIK Panorama Maker editor can turn a set of less than perfect snapshots into great-looking panoramic images.

The photo program interface is quite simple, user-friendly and attractive. Combining a fully guided, step by step workflow with advanced mathematic approach, STOIK Panorama Maker graphic software can produce the highest quality panoramas even from poorly aligned, tilted and mismatched images shot in snapshot mode and at different zoom levels completely automatically.

The available Advanced Mode offers full manual control over photo stitching and matching the tiles.

Motion Detection

Capturing a good panorama in a vivid setting is not easy. Wind can cause unwanted motion, making the final panorama blurred or misshapen by stitching an object in its different motion phases.

STOIK PanoramaMaker editor accounts for unwanted movements by including an Object-Preserving Blending algorithm. Taking the motion into account, the algorithm stitches tiles in a special way, rendering a perfect panorama all the way.

Advanced Correction

Some things just must be corrected in source before you start stitching. STOIK PanoramaMaker program offers lens distortion correction and geometrical compensation.

The graphic program has a smart algorithm for perfectly adjusting exposure and white balance among shots in a panorama. Yoy can enhance photos from your camera that have the lack of exposure, or make white balance correction.

While stitching images, the panorama creation tool will compensate for the differences in exposure and white balance typical for shots taken in anything but fully manual mode. Double-edge effects are removed, and curves adjusted.

Three-Step Workflow

STOIK Panorama Maker intelligent software is smart enough to make automatic panorama creation process: the graphic program finds the shared points in pictures and adds them on its own wherever possible.

It only takes three easy steps to turn a set of snapshots into a great panorama.

  1. Select source images
  2. Choose stitching mode
  3. Click, wait and save the result

If these three steps offer too little control, multiple advanced options are available in the manual stitching mode. Although the panorama making is completely automated, if you need you can manually join the shots, after this rotate them against each other and cropping.

Tiled Panoramas

STOIK Panorama Maker graphic program can automatically produce horizontal, vertical, 360-degree and multi-row (tiled) panoramas. You’ll need no less than 6 pics to make a 3D (360º) panoramic image, and aat least 4 for a tile panorama.

360º Panorama - our Panorama Maker makes photo stitching.

The panorama creation tool can automatically assemble tiled panorama from several rows of photos, and will produce a perfect panorama from a number of photos taken at different zoom levels. You can preview the output panoramic image before printing or saving.

By hand, you can crop, frame and refine the built panorama, to manage the desired preferences. The finished panorama picture can be stored on your PC as a PNG, JPEG, TIFF or BMP file.

In Addition…

The finished panoramas can be created from JPG and RAW picture formats, and the software supports multi sheet printing. Self-acting organization of images is proceeded immediately and a horizontal, vertical or 360º panorama is composed, stitching all the selected images.

Create cool panoramic images just in seconds! STOIK Panorama Maker is a simple and good way to convert multiple pictures into one panoramic image.

Download STOIK Panorama Maker right now!

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