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STOIK Imagic

STOIK image editing program - easy image viewer and pics editor, video editor. Quick to learn and easy to use, STOIK Imagic makes managing your photos and videos fun. Bundling a blazing fast image viewer with convenient image organizer and comprehensive still and video editor, STOIK Imagic has everything to keep, share and perfect your memories. STOIK Imagic graphic software combines classic features with modern technologies, enabling lightning-fast browsing, viewing and searching.
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You can Upgrade Free edition of STOIK Imagic photo and image editor software to the Premium edition, just click the following link:

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STOIK Imagic graphic software comes in two editions: Free and Premium. By upgrading the Free edition to Premium, you’ll receive a whole lot of additional photo and video editing functions, the ability to search files by file type, name, and EXIF attributes, and the ability to create photo collages, panoramas and HDR images.

In addition, the Premium edition can save videos in MPEG2 (DVD) and MPEG4 formats.

For detailed comparison between Free and Premium editions please refer to the editions comparison table below.

About STOIK Imagic Free Edition

The Free edition of STOIK Imagic photo editor is available strictly for personal, non-commercial use. The Free edition does not require activation or registration.

By downloading the Free edition, you will gain automatic access to all the advanced features available with the Premium edition. The free Premium access only lasts for the first 30 days. After the initial 30 days, STOIK Imagic photo editor software will revert to the limited feature set of the Free edition. If you want to continue enjoying the extra benefits provided by the Premium edition, you will need to purchase an unlock key.

By upgrading STOIK Imagic to the Premium edition, you’ll gain access to all the advanced features instantly by simply entering your unlock key. Order your unlock key now

STOIK Imagic editions feature comparison

STOIK Imagic photo editor featuresSTOIK Imagic Editions
Organizing pictures. Sorting, Viewing, Customizing Photo
Digital camera auto download wizard (WIA and DCF support)
Scanners support
File browser
Calendar browser with Months, Years/folders, Events modes
Powerful search by file type, name, and photo EXIF attributes
Geotagging via Google Earth (Google Maps)
Multi-picture format (MPO) support
Stereo images creation (Anaglyph, JPS and PNS files)
Organize by custom tags
Sort thumbnails by data of taken, created and modified, file name, format, quality, size and rating.
Sort thumbnails by DCF file number.
Video and music clip organizing
View embedded camera info (EXIF)
Adding comments to JPEG and TIFF file
Panorama creation
HDR stitching
Photo Collage creation
RAW file format basic support (preview and export, default settings)
RAW file format full support (full processing)DNG only
Photo improvement wizard
E-mail sharing (photos, videos, Web albums and Slide Show)
CD/DVD burning (photos, videos, Web albums and Slide Show)
Social networks support
HTML album creation
Slide Show executable creation
Screen Saver creation
Batch renaming, resizing and rotation
Face extraction (Cropping Photos)
Preserve originals mode. Option to compare and restore original after editing
Photo Editing and Enhancement
Red Eye removal. Photo rotate, resize, flip, crop. Adjust brightness, hue, contrast and color
Horizon tool for photo alignment
Various paint brushes, textures, canvases
Clone tool
Retouch Brush for small photo defects
Highlights/shadows adjustment
Lens distortion correction
Text with shadows
Rectangle, ellipse, polygon, lasso selections with soft edges
Conversion to 1-bit, 4-bit, 8-bit color, 8 and 16 bit grayscale, 24 and 48 bit truecolor24 bit only
Cliparts tool
Photographic edges and frames
Photo Collage tool with layer masks
White balance and Exposure compensation tools
Skin Makeup tool
Advanced Crop tool with document photo, CD label and Inlay templates
Slide Show executable creation
Special enhancement tool for scanned photos
Photo games creation
Full 48-bit images support24 bit only
Video Editing —
Easy step-by-step editing
Story board interface
Scene splitting and trimming
Scrolling titles
Photo Special effects
Anti-shake filter
Deinterlace filter
Brightness, Contrast, Hue correction filters
Video frame rotation
Audio track insertion
WMV (all default win codec) support
MPEG4 support
MPEG-2 support
DVD export
Easy-to-use export format profiles
PriceFREE$ 49

Graphics editors can cost a ton, but this one doesn't.
Stoik Imagic offers a plethora of features at an affordable price.
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