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STOIK Imagic

STOIK image editing program - easy image viewer and pics editor, video editor. Quick to learn and easy to use, STOIK Imagic makes managing your photos and videos fun. Bundling a blazing fast image viewer with convenient image organizer and comprehensive still and video editor, STOIK Imagic has everything to keep, share and perfect your memories. STOIK Imagic graphic software combines classic features with modern technologies, enabling lightning-fast browsing, viewing and searching.
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Stoik Imagic - advanced media browser, Photo, video, pics editing software.

View, organise and customize photos, edit still pics and videos with ease.

STOIK Imagic graphic program comes with everything you need to perfect, review and share your memories.

Offering a combination of a photo album, media organizer, picture image viewer and easy to use pic and photo editor, STOIK Imagic graphic software makes your images easy to perfect and enjoy.

Stoik Imagic is a best solution for video editing (animation video, video conversion, movie making, video special effects etc.) and graphic editing (conversion to grayscale, slideshow creation, red eye removal, hue/saturarion, brightness/contrast, resize photos etc.)

View, Organize and Customize your Pics and Photos

STOIK Imagic software offers a unique combination of classic features combined with state of the art technologies:

  • Convenient organizing and cataloguing is blazing quick with fast media indexing.
  • Browsing and searching images by folders, date, tags.
  • Searching by file and EXIF attributes.
  • The full-screen image viewer (RAW, JPEG viewer etc.).
  • The media browser

Photo Retouching and Video Authoring Made Easy

A host of easy to use photo editing tools are included, allowing make photo retouch or performing deeper photo enhancement with ease. Fully automated pic enhancement mode (*) is also available.

STOIK Imagic makes panorama and HDR stitching (*) easy, offers red-eye remover (correction), DNG and RAW development (*). Video authoring and the ability to create animated games are there, too.

(*) Available in STOIK Imagic Premium.

STOIK Imagic is FREE to Download

First released back in 1997, STOIK Imagic graphic software was downloaded more than 20 million times to this day. Download or buy Stoik Imagic right now!

Since early 2010, STOIK Imagic photo editor is being offered FREE for downloading. Combining comprehensive functionality with ultimate ease of use, STOIK Imagic offers features available in packages far more expensive.

STOIK Imagic photo editor is free to download. Competitors aren’t. It's your money, and it's your choice.

Two Editions

STOIK Imagic is free for personal non-commercial use. A host of premium features are available in STOIK Imagic Premium for $49. Upgrade STOIK Imagic to Premium now, or download Stoik Imagic Premium and get access to all the premium features for the first 30 days!

The Taste of Premium

STOIK Imagic graphic software has another great feature available at no charge. For the first 30 days, you'll be able to taste all the delicious features of STOIK Imagic Premium for absolutely free!

The Premium edition, or STOIK Imagic Premium, has even more features available:

  • Develop RAW files from all popular cameras - RAW Development
  • Enhance photos with a step-by-step wizard - Photo and Pic Enhancement
  • Adjust hue, saturation, brightness and contrast in photos and videos
  • Wide variety of paintbrushes, textures, canvases - Rich Choice
  • Create panoramas and HDR stitchng - Panorama Creating
  • Making slideshows. Stoik Imagic photo editor has excellent and fast slideshow maker.
  • Extract human faces (crop)
  • Perform non-destructive editing with ease - easy pics and photos graphic editor for amateurs and professionals.

A comprehensive comparison of STOIK Imagic editions is available in edition comparison chart

Automatic Photo/Video Enhancement - Correct and Improve your Photos and Pics

STOIK Imagic Premium graphic editor makes it easy to enhance photos and improve pictures and videos. Offering fully automated processing and batch mode operation, STOIK Imagic Premium can turn a bunch of ordinary snapshots into professionally looking photographs and panoramas. Create an excellent panorama or edit your photos in just a few clicks!

3D Imaging and Panorama Support

STOIK Imagic Premium graphic editor can work with 3D stereo images, making stunning 3D landscapes (panoramas) or 3D-looking portraits. Supporting automatic panorama stitching, STOIK Imagic photo editor makes panorama creation easy. The tool will take care of overlaying and rotating the images, adjust exposure and white balance completely automatically to make smooth, solid panoramas.

HDR Images with Enhanced Dynamic Range>

Automated HDR stacking allows making HDR images with stunning dynamic range in just a few clicks. The HDR module is included with STOIK Imagic Premium – no need for a separate download!

Users of STOIK Imagic 4 and 5 will receive an upgrade to the latest release of STOIK Imagic Premium free of charge.

Download Stoik Imagic graphic editor right now! Make your photos alive!

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