STOIK VideoMan

Simple and powerfull multitrack video editor.

Compose a movie with sound, titles, transitions and dynamic effects with support of modern compression formats.

STOIK VideoMan comes with completely new Capture module for import/output of video through capture boards and DV cameras. One of the major features is the ability to export movies directly to Windows Media video files. Windows Media technology from Microsoft offers good solution for delivering high compression video and audio for such bandwidth-critical applications as streaming video over LAN or Internet, or playing movies on handheld devices.

Video editing capabilities are significantly enhanced with features like unlimited number of overlay tracks, navigator window, super screen color keying, etc. Considerable optimization was carried out to speed up rendering. All the additional power is packed under redesigned stylish interface which makes working with the program even easier than ever before.

General functionality

  • Support of DirectShow filters and codecs (such as MPEG, DivX, or QuickTime)
  • Import and export to DV cameras trough IEEE1394 (FireWire)
  • Export movies directly to Windows Media video files
  • Export to Windows Media format
  • Complete DV camera playback control from within the application
  • Stop-frame animation
  • Chroma/color/luma/super screen key. 'Super screen' color keying particularly  effective for fast and accurate keying of small details such as hair, smoke transition track
  • SMPTE timeline
  • Unlimited file size of output (no 2Gb limit)
  • Unlimited number of overlay video tracks
  • Unlimited number of audio tracks
  • Video Capture utility
  • Auto insert mode for fast and easy movie composing
  • Ability to insert project as a clip
  • Set Mark In and Mark Out during clip import
  • 51 Transition effects with previews
  • 20 Dynamic special effects filters
  • Higher quality of text rendering, in particular if text clip is on motion path
  • Navigator window to easily locate clips on the timeline
  • Trimming with ability to create interlaced output from non-interlaced video input.  You can convert your Flash animation to broadcast-quality video
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo
  • Preview with sound
  • Text Composition over video: titling/text animation, drop shadows
  • Export frame from Preview
  • Grouping of clips on the timeline
  • Instant reaction to user input
  • Redesigned and customizable interface

Additional functions

  • Time Lapse capture mode in VideoMan Capturer.
  • Antialiasing and interpolation of text shadow and transparency.
  • Antialiasing of frame edge in Motion Path.
  • Support of alpha channel in Motion Path.
  • Close document command to File menu.


  • Preview, Navigator, Transition Palette can be made popup and non-popup using the  system menu.
  • All windows are disabled during rendering.
  • Cursor is not blinking during rendering.
  • If SHIFT is pressed than full clip can be dragged to allow for dragging short clips even at very large time scale/
  • Program remembers position of document windows.
  • Progress indicator can be dragged.
  • Icons in Construction and Project window captions.
  • Meaningless indicators (e.g. CAP and NUM) removed from StatusBar.


  • Option to make Preview without writing temporary video file on disk.
  • Preview window size can be changed during preview
  • Preview settings is stored between program sessions
  • Preview is shown during rendering

I can't imagine using another Software for photo editing ever again.

Peter Duwenhögger

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