STOIK Noise AutoFix – Mobile Photo Enhancement, Noise Reduction (Noise Remover), Noise Corrrection

STOIK Noise AutoFix is not supported anymore. All its features been included into STOIK Imagic program.

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Low-light photography made easy! STOIK Noise AutoFix mobile photo enhancer offers completely automated intelligent noise reduction, producing clean and clear high-ISO images out of grainy snapshots.

Get exceptional low-light performance combined with high level of detail in images taken with digital compact cameras and SLRs, camera phones, scanned slides, negatives and photos.

Noise-Free Photography Made Easy

Make stunning low-light pictures with STOIK Noise AutoFix mobile photo enhancement software! The innovative noise removal tool implements innovative learning algorithms that offer two to three stops improvement in digital noise without sacrificing fine details.

Including three statistically trained modules for detecting, analysing and cancelling high-ISO noise, STOIK Noise AutoFix noise removing program offers a perfect balance between reducing noise from photos and preserving fine image details such as foliage and textures.

Noise Improvement by 2-3 Stops

No matter what type of digital camera you use, STOIK Noise AutoFix noise removal software will automatically improve its low-light performance by two to three EV stops. Imagine taking a picture at ISO 1600 and getting a final image that looks as good as photos taken at ISO 200-400!

STOIK Noise AutoFix noise removal program works with all types of cameras including digital compacts, SLRs, and even cameras built into modern mobile phones and communicators.

You can even scan photos, slides and negatives and use STOIK Noise AutoFix image denoising program to reduce film grain and eliminate noise without sacrificing any image detail.

Preserves Natural Look

While reducing digital noise from photos, STOIK Noise AutoFix photo noise reduction software preserves natural look of your photos by selectively applying noise reduction algorithms at various areas of the image.

With STOIK Noise AutoFix noise reduction program , you’ll get clean and clear sky and smooth surfaces combined with natural-looking foliage, hair, fur, and other textures.

Features and Benefits

STOIK Noise AutoFix noise reduction software offers photographers a number of important benefits compared to camera noise reduction algorithms including:

  • Automatic high-ISO noise reduction by 2 to 3 EV stops
  • Preserves image details, textures and sharpness
  • No image quality degradation
  • Available batch mode for multiple file processing
  • Works 2 to 4 times faster than closest competitors

Smooth High-ISO Performance

STOIK Noise AutoFix noise removal program offers smooth low-light, high-ISO performance by offering fully automated zone-based photo noise detection, noise analysis, and noise removal from photos.

One-Click Noise Removal

You don’t need to fine-tune anything if you don’t wish to. Just open an image and make that one click to get fully automated:

  • Zone-based noise detection, profiling, analysis and noise correction (reducing noise)
  • Adaptive noise filtering for detected noise patterns based on statistical image quality criteria
  • Intelligent noise reduction with detail preservation
  • Smart sharpening

Advanced Manual Tuning

Professional photographers and advanced users will benefit from using a certain level of manual adjustments, including:

  • Adjust noise reduction strength
  • Adjust the level of image detail preservation
  • Modifying noise detection levels and moderating false positives

Supported File Formats

STOIK Noise AutoFix noise remover can read and write images in a number of formats while preserving EXIF information.

  • Opens regular and 48-bit color JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PSD files
  • Saves noise-free pictures in JPEG, TIFF (24 and 48 bpp), PNG, or BMP formats
  • Preserves EXIF information in JPEG and TIFF files

Batch Processing and Windows Shell Integration

The noise reduction tool can be integrated with Windows, allowing to process images straight from Windows Explorer.

  • Integrates into Windows Explorer context menu for one-click automated picture noise reduction in multiple images
  • An additional Explorer context menu command to open files with STOIK Noise AutoFix
  • Supports Drag and Drop from Windows Explorer
  • Supports Copy/Paste from the Clipboard

Unattended Noise Reduction for Photo Kiosks, Labs and Camera Hardware

STOIK Imaging Company licenses the noise reduction library to software and hardware developers, allowing them to integrate fully automated photo and image noise reduction into software running in photo kiosks, mini labs, and one-click photo correction software. Embedded versions can be built upon request.
Contact for licensing details.

Intelligent Technology

STOIK Noise AutoFix noise reduction program employs sophisticated adaptive algorithms, innovative image representation, and optimal statistical methods to achieve the outstanding image noise reduction (noise correction) results without sacrificing image detail. Read along if you’re technically savvy or just curious.

  • Noise Detector. Based on Bayesian classifier, it was trained to tell typical camera noise patterns apart from natural textures and fine detail such as foliage and fur
  • Noise Analyzer builds noise profiles and calculates optimal filter parameters according to statistical image quality criteria
  • Locally Adaptive Noise Suppression Filter selectively applies noise cancellation to various areas in the image. It’s based on multi-resolution image representation and statistical decision-making procedures
  • Automatic Multi-Resolution Smart Sharpening Filter with Halo Effect Reduction outputs crisp images with well-defined edges and no halo effect
  • Fully automatic mode balances photo noise reduction and image detail
  • Manual fine-tuning available to professional photographers and advanced users
  • Noise reduction algorithms can be trained to perfection by adding new scenes with unusual noise patterns

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