STOIK MorphMan 2000

Powerful tool for morphing between pairs of pictures.

Morph Man 2000 is affordable tool for fast creation of quality morphing transition between still pictures.

MorphMan is an application that creates a sequence of intermediate frames that seamlessly transform one image to another and generates output in a form of movie or image file sequence.

STOIK MorphMan vs. STOIK MorphMan 2000

STOIK MorphMan includes functionality of STOIK MorphMan 2000 and offers additional professional features:

  • video-to-video morphing;
  • layered morphing;
  • onion skin interface;
  • batch rendering;
  • render to Flash;
  • built-in video editor.

Morph project creation and editing

  • Vector drawing tools for fast, easy, and precise positioning of control points and lines (markers)
  • Primitives and shapes for setting control markers
  • Editing of shapes
  • Grouping and ungrouping of markers
  • Transformation tools for groups of control markers
  • 8-bit mask to define region of interest
  • Vector editing tools for mask
  • Fast and accurate morphing algorithms

Import/Output functions

  • Import frames from MPEG, QuickTime, DV movies*
  • Import frames from TWAIN devices
  • Render to MPEG, QuickTime, DV movies*
  • Render to animated GIF
  • Rendering multiple projects in separate threads
  • Render movies over 2Gb in size
  • Unlimited number of frames in output movie or sequence
  • Printing of output frames


  • Real-time real-mode preview of any frame of the sequence
  • Unlimited Undo of all operations including setting/editing markers and project properties changes
  • Animated tutorial with extendible lessons
  • Context help
  • Swap function for easier sequential morphing
  • Link Windows function for easier setting of control points in distortion morphs
  • Storing workplace layout in morph project

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Brad Malcolm, Athentech Imaging, President

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