STOIK legacy products

Below you can find the list of outdated and currently unsupported products. Most of them have modern successors. Please check the list of currently available products.

  • STOIK Noise AutoFix. All its features been  included into STOIK Imagic
  • STOIK Red Eye AutoFixAll its features been included into STOIK Imagic
  • STOIK Cameraphone Enhancer. All its features been included into STOIK Imagic
  • STOIK PictureMan PRO.
  • STOIK VideoMan.
  • STOIK MorphMan 2000.
  • STOIK MorphMan - powerful morphing software for PC.
  • PM Painter - Full-featured image editor
  • PM Rubber - Generator of plasticity effects and animations 
  • PM Rubber Plugin for Photoshop. Collection of deformation and plasticity effects 
  • PM ArtGallery - Generator of artistic effects and stylizations
  • ArtGallery Plugin for Photoshop. Artistic filters and special effects (Oil-paint, Engrave, Hand-Draw, and more)
  • STOIK RedEye Plugin for Image Genius - Use our automatic red-eye removal tool in powerful batch-processing application 
  • PM Puzzles - Convert photos to puzzle games. Play and send by email. Now included into STOIK Imagic
  • STOIK Screensavers. Now included into STOIK Imagic
  • PM Jigsaw. Now included into STOIK Imagic

Overall PanoramaMaker delivers a strong tool for stitching together multiple images without breaking the bank.
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Liz Masoner,

STOIK Video Enhancer - Fix, Enhance and Upscale Videos in a Few Clicks