STOIK Stitch Creator

Make Your Own Cross-Stitch Patterns from Any Picture

STOIK Stitch Creator

Stitch pieces made with your own pictures! With STOIK Stitch Creator, you can make your own counted cross-stitch patterns in just a few clicks. Pick a photo or draw a picture. Choose a floss palette. STOIK Stitch Creator will do the rest. Create, edit, view and print your stitch work with ease.
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Creative Tools for Creating Cross Stitch Patterns

STOIK Stitch Creator is a embroidery pattern creation software packed with features allowing creating cross-stitch patterns from scratch, converting pictures into cross-stitch charts, editing and enhancing patterns. You can make also cross-stitch patterns and ornaments for kids.

The many creative tools allow drawing new cross-stitch patterns from scratch, enhancing and editing existing patterns. A full-scale image editor is included with STOIK Stitch Creator to allow drawing, editing and enhancing cross-stitch patterns with special effects. Basic cross-stitch pattern editing tools include:

  • Drawing tools: pen, line, ellipse, rectangle
  • Color Fill: selection, change thread
  • Selection: rectangle, ellipse, lasso, adding/subtracting selections

There are many additional tools available that include:

  • The ability to insert and edit images
  • Multi-layer support for making cross-stitch charts with rich color palettes
  • Text Layer supporting true type fonts, anti-aliasing with 3/4 stitches and backstitch outlines
  • Palettes supporting 2 to 255 thread colors
  • Custom color palettes with supporting custom color and mixed thread with save and restore functionality

Enhance cross-stitch patterns with the following:

  • Extendable collection of motifs
  • Extendable collection of blackwork
  • A number of customizable cross-stitch borders
  • Text effects to produce stunning stationary

STOIK Stitch Creator supports a variety of stitching styles, including:

  • 25 types of stitches
  • French Knot
  • Backstitches: standard, short, and double backstitch

Tools for Converting Pictures into Cross-Stitch Patterns

STOIK cross stitch pattern maker converts any picture or photograph into a cross-stitch masterpiece. Its Image Conversion Wizard offers quick step-by-step conversion of any image into a cross-stitch chart of any size and resolution.

Just specify the size of your pattern, what threads you have and how many colors you want to use, and Image Conversion Wizard will do the rest automatically. The conversion features include:

  • Image Conversion Wizard with instant preview
  • Automatic palette optimization for available thread colors
  • Designer stitches
  • Optimized palettes for popular brands including Anchor, DMC, Madeira, J&P Coates
  • Instant preview of cross-stitch charts made with various palette settings
  • Brand Manager supports various brand catalogues with instant online updates
  • Brand Manager can define custom colors and custom brand palettes
  • Mixed color threads support

Importing Tools

STOIK Stitch Creator can import pictures from a variety of sources. You can load a picture in any of the popular formats from the hard disk or your digital camera. If you have a picture you want to scan, STOIK Stitch Creator can import it directly from the scanner. The importing options include:

  • Image files in popular formats including jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp, pcx, tga, fpx, psd, and Stitch project files
  • Scanners and digital cameras via TWAIN interface (up to three TWAIN devices supported)
  • Clipboard support for copying and pasting graphics from other applications

Printing, Saving and Exporting Cross-Stitch Patterns

STOIK Stitch Creator can save whole or parts of your cross-stitch charts into a file, export designs and thread lists, or print black-and-white and color templates in actual size.

Printing Cross-Stitch Patterns

  • Print cross-stitch patterns of any size, any resolution on single or multiple pages with advanced print options
  • Print WYSIWYG stitched patterns, Colored blocks, Colored blocks with symbols, Symbol charts, Brand catalogues and Material lists

Saving and Exporting Cross-Stitch Charts

  • Save cross-stitch patterns as a picture in popular formats including jpg, gif, png, tif, bmp, pcx, tga, fpx, psd
  • Export designs and material lists to graphic files
  • Save stitch projects
  • Save parts of the project as Motif or Blackwork designs
  • Publish your stitch work as ready-to-distribute PDF file

Interface and Usability

STOIK Stitch Creator is easy to learn and to use, offering two distinct looks for new and advanced users. The step-by-step wizard requires no learning curve, while all the advanced options available will satisfy the most demanding user. The usability features include:

  • Two interface modes for new and advanced users
  • Fully guided step-by-step Stitch Conversion Wizard with instant preview of a cross-stitch pattern at every step
  • Comprehensive workflow guides in novice mode
  • Dockable floating palettes in advanced mode
  • Navigator window for easy access to every detail at high zoom levels
  • Customizable colors in novice mode
  • Multiple level undo and redo

Thank you very, very much!
You have a great program [Panoramamaker] and I enjoy it and find it extremely useful.

Craig Kanske

STOIK Stitch Creator - Convert your images to a cross-stitch pattern