STOIK Video Enhancement SDK - Add Video Enhancement Functionality in a Few Function Calls

With STOIK Video Enhancement SDK, developers can add essential video enhancement and conversion functionality into their projects by using just a few function calls. Remove motion blur and camera shake, clean up excessive noise or film grain, upscale SD video source into true high-definition, and correct video footage for exposure and color balance with a few lines of code.

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK been used for developing STOIK Video Enhancer - an end-user video enhancement suite which helps users improve their videos while fixing common issues in amateur videos.
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Quick Start

Starting up is truly quick and straightforward. Just how easy it is to start working with STOIK Video Enhancement SDK? A good hint is the number of pages its takes you to read through all function calls and their parameters: four.

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK Pricing and Availability

For STOIK Video Enhancement SDK Price quotation and evaluation version please contact our sales representative.

Fix Common User Errors in Amateur Video Footage

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK helps software developers make applications to fix common user errors in amateur video footage. Motion blur and blur caused by camera shake, exposure problems, digital noise or film grain can be fixed by adding just a few lines of code. Converting between interlaced and progressive video modes and performing studio-quality SD-HD conversion are just as easy.

Adaptive Video Processing Algorithms

While algorithms used by STOIK Imaging for processing video footage are based on the company’s expertise in still image processing, processing video flow is inherently different from dealing with still frames. STOIK Video Enhancement SDK incorporates many years of research in still image and video processing. The video processing algorithms use information from neighboring frames, utilizing of any extra information available in the currently processed frame. These modern video processing methods are based on STOIK original and precise task oriented motion estimation -compensation engine.

Adaptive video enhancement algorithms work much better in videos than simple still-based techniques. For example, an innovative Inter-frame Fill anti-shake mode allows in some cases producing shake-free footage without resorting to clipping the image or adding black borders. This becomes possible by adding information about the borders lost dues to camera shake from previous and following frames. Similarly, video noise reduction algorithms analyze preceding frames to discriminate noise against useful details information. In turn, adaptive noise reduction produces amazingly clear images with no loss of detail.

Auto Exposure and Color Balance Correction

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK makes correcting wrong exposure or color balance settings a single function call. Exposure and color balance correction are carried out completely automatically.

Pull Shadows and Protect Highlights

With STOIK Video Enhancement SDK, it is possible to pull useful information from the darkest shadows while reducing blown highlights. The Shadow/Highlight functionality is highly CPU intensive, yet produces almost HDR-like footage out of ordinary video clips.

Video Noise Reduction

By analyzing preceding frames, STOIK Video Enhancement SDK can create a precise model of video noise for each frame. By applying the adaptive noise reduction filter to all frames in the video, STOIK Video Enhancement SDK can produce footage that's crisp, detailed and free of noise.
The new STOIK Video Noise Reduction technique based on next generation of popular STOIK Photo Noise AutoFix filter involving dynamic self-learning noise model and video details tracking along with effective noise suppression.

Advanced Deinterlacing

TV footage and analog videos shot on a magnetic tape can come interlaced, making further processing difficult because of the nature of interlaced frames. STOIK Video Enhancement SDK filters process interlaced video without any losses and changes in its structure. STOIK Video Enhancement SDK allows to perform advanced deinterlacing to convert the original video into progressive form.

Super Resolution HD Upscaling

Turn SD (Standard Definition) footage into true HD (High Definition)! STOIK Video Enhancement SDK introduces two adaptive video upscaling algorithms.
The first one is the newly developed STOIK Smart resizing algorithm creates HD video with natural look that favorably differs from standard interpolation algorithms bringing digital zoom artifacts.  The second one is the most powerful STOIK Super-Resolution algorithm produces crisp and detailed enlarged footage by deriving missing detail from neighboring frames up-scaled by STOIK Smart algorithm. Resulted High Definition video looks studio-like. The results are comparable to the best dedicated hardware upscaling units.

Anti-Shake Image Stabilization

Shaky hands can detract from still images, but can truly spoil video. STOIK Video Enhancement SDK implements adaptive image stabilization anti-shake techniques. Future frames motion prediction allows to analyze and suppress shakiness accurately even in one pass scheme. By using the Inter-frame Fill mode, it is possible to create in some cases uncropped, border-free stabilized footage. In this mode, the processing engine will derive information about the borders lost due to camera shake from preceding and subsequent frames.

Sharpening and dynamic Blur Reduction

Original STOIK non-linear sharpening algorithm makes video more clear without halo artifacts. Dynamic multi-scale de-blurring reduces image blur caused by motion, shaky hands, or misfocusing by borrowing extra details from preceding and subsequent frames. Dynamic blur reduction can dramatically decrease the detrimental effect of continuously dynamic focusing enabled by default in most consumer camcorders.

Features and Benefits

STOIK Video Enhancement SDK offers multiple video enhancements to software developers. The enhancements include:

  • Fixes common errors of video amateurs automatically.
  • Enhances videos shot with consumer hardware.
  • Studio-like quality of final results.
  • Adaptive video noise and film grain reduction.
  • Automatic exposure correction.
  • Auto white balance.
  • Shadow/highlight tool.
  • Adaptive video enhancement algorithms use information from preceding and subsequent frames.
  • STOIK Adaptive one-pass anti-shake algorithm.
  • Smart sharpening.
  • Dynamic multi-scale de-blur restores missing details based on information from neighbouring frames.
  • Advanced Deinterlacing.
  • Smart and Super Resolution upscaling to full HD produces crisp, detailed footage.

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STOIK Video Enhancer - Fix, Enhance and Upscale Videos in a Few Clicks