STOIK solutions for hardware manufacturers (OEM)

We offer complete set of photo and video software (programs) and libraries for integration with hardware and software video and photo solutions. Our clients always enjoy effective and prompt cooperation and attractive licensing terms.

Our products were chosen for worldwide bundle by world's leading device manufacturers and software vendors, including Samsung Techwin, Ricoh, San Marco Imaging Group, Pinnacle Systems, CeWe Color, Telepix Imaging, iSeeMedia, Macmillan Software, Primax International, and others.

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STOIK Imagic

Integrated thumbnail browser, image and photo viewer, image and video editor.

STOIK Imagic features fast thumbnail browsing, comprehensive set of image enhancement and photo editing tools including Auto Red Eye remover and Auto Image Quality, powerful printing, image slideshow and web album generation tools, RAW (DNG) converter and RAW development, easy-to-use video editing.

Ten language versions are available.   

  • Bundled with all SAMSUNG Digital Cameras.
  • Bundled with RICOH Digital Cameras.
  • Distributed by CeWe Color, Pinnacle Systems and others.

STOIK Raw Converter - Professional Picture Converter

Wondering, how to convert RAW to JPEG or PNG, TIFF photo formats? Just convert RAW photos with our beautiful Stoik Raw Converter!

STOIK RAW Converter is a professional-level program application for RAW photo processing and photo conversion.Using Stoik RAW Converter, you'll convert RAW to JPG, PNG, TIFF file formats. And, of course, you can also change RAW to other image format.

Stoik Raw Converter - quite easy and smart way to convert (transform) RAW to JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP etc..

Advanced demosaicing and noise suppression algorithms, chromatic aberration and vignetting correction tools along with powerful manual and automatic white balance and exposure controls allow users to get maximum quality from their RAW shots.

Portable Media Players (PMP)

STOIK Video Converter - Video Editing, Video Conversion, Video Processing

STOIK PMP video converter - very fast and stable universal video format converter with support of subtitles and photo batch conversion.

Converts videos in batches. Convert video to multiple formats for various devices (converts any video to iPod, iPhone, PSP, Apple TV, mobile phones) etc.

Stoik Video Converter – this is all-in-one program with big array of tools for any video editing, processing and converting needs: video edit, video enhancement, video conversion, burn Blu-ray Disc & DVD.

Converts any video to the format compatible for playback on particular PMP device. Transcodes virtually any video format without infringing on third party patents or licenses. Bundle of STOIK Imagic and STOIK Video Converter is an ideal package for a PMP-enabled digital cameras.

  •   Bundled with new SAMSUNG i6 PMP the world's first camera with PMP feature!

Photo Kiosk, Lab, And Photo Server Software


The version of STOIK Imagic with integrated Photo Print Ordering Function. The perfect revenue generator for a photofinisher. Customers will use Imagic to organize, fix, and edit their pics and photos on a daily basis, and will always be just one click before placing the print order!

STOIK RedEye Autofix

Fully automatic red eye removal program and library. STOIK red eye removal library more...

STOIK Noise Autofix

First fully automatic photo noise reduction software and library.

Based on automatic noise recognition and filtering providing the optimal compromise between the noise suppression and the preservation of image details.

Specifically designed to restore quality of high-ISO photos more....

STOIK Smart Resizer

Image Resizing Application and library implementing STOIK Smart interpolation algorithm for digital zooming and up-sampling without loss of sharpness more...

STOIK PanoramaMaker

STOIK PanoramaMaker is automatic panorama maker software that turns any group of overlapping photos into high quality panoramic image.

Mobile Phones, Camera Phones

STOIK Cameraphone Enhancer

Automatically fix color, noise, and compression defects in cameraphone photos more...

Video Cameras and Video Software

Automatic Video Producer

Application for fully automatic video editing, analyzes and splits by scene video and audio, and generates effects-loaded movie with cuts, effects, and transitions in-synch with music.

Video Analysis and Processing Libraries

Includes auto split-by-scene, auto video enhancement filters, automatic video editing functions.


Best video morphing program. Simply morphs (merge) two photos together.

STOIK Video Converter

One of the top 10 most popular Internet downloads in its category - Stoik Video Converter.


Photo Cleaner

Ideal companion application for film scanners, implements our most advanced one-click auto photo enhancement filters - Auto Red Eye, Auto Scratch and Dust removal.  

Aerial Photo Cleaner

Specifically designed to work with extra-large film scans. Special filter for fast precise correction of defects left on film by scanner reel mechanisms.

If you're looking for a solid player, viewer, and editor for photos and other media--but don't want to pay a penny for it--consider Stoik Imagic.
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Preston Gralla, PCWorld

STOIK Video Converter - One-click Video Format Conversion for Your Player