STOIK Smart Resizer for mobile

The major problem of photos taken with cameraphones or sub-megapixel cameras is low resolution which makes it impossible to make quality prints from such photos.

New interpolation algorithm developed by STOIK Imaging makes intelligent zooming possible through analyzing picture content for natural textures, contours, and line art, and applying adapted interpolation methods for specific areas. The result is the ability to enlarge digital images up to 1000% without loss of visual sharpness. The algorithm also allows for creation of smart thumbnails – small copies of originals which could be effectively restored to original resolution with simple interpolation

Enlargement of digital photos without loss of sharpness


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Batch Smart Resampling of Cameraphone Photos for Moblogs

STOIK offers batch resampling software for moblogs which utilizes new Smart Resizing Algorithm to generate up- and downsampled copies of original photos:

  • Increase resolution of cameraphone photos and photos taken with sub-megapixel cameras for decent print quality
  • Generate high quality thumbnails

Implementations include batch processing application or cross-platform library (Windows, Linux).


STOIK Smart Resizer example - click to enlargeSTOIK Smart Resizer example - click to enlarge 

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Thank you very, very much!
You have a great program [Panoramamaker] and I enjoy it and find it extremely useful.

Craig Kanske

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