STOIK solutions for mobile imaging

STOIK Imaging Offers Image Processing Package for Moblog Hosting Companies and Online Photofinishers.

New image processing software package is designed to provide automatic image resizing and enhancement services for online photofinishers and moblog hosting companies. The software is based on proprietary algorithms and includes components which allow to:

  • Increase resolution of cameraphone photos and photos taken with sub-megapixel cameras for decent print quality;
  • Generate high quality thumbnails;
  • Enhance visual quality of cameraphone photos, correct color and noise defects in fully automatic mode.

STOIK Smart Resizer

New interpolation algorithm developed by STOIK Imaging makes intelligent enlargement possible through analysis of picture content for natural textures, contours, and line art, and application of adapted interpolation methods for specific areas. The result is the ability to enlarge digital images up to 1000% without loss of visual sharpness.

Even the sub-VGA photos can be intelligently resampled to a resolution sufficient for quality 4’ x 6’ prints.

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Automatic Image Enhancement Tools for Mobile Imaging

In addition to Smart Resizing software STOIK offers a software package for automatic image processing specially designed to improve quality of CAMERAPHONE PHOTOS. The software is based on proprietary image quality estimation technique which allows applying different processing schemes depending on actual camera photo defects and considerably enhances the overall image quality.

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STOIK Mobile Morphing

STOIK develops mobile morphing system for application as a value-added service for MMS providers and mobile carriers. The software running on STOIK Mobile Morphing server automatically detects face on the photo and generates morphing transition from the face to one of the image templates stored on the server. The morphing transition is returned to customer's phone as an MMS.

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