STOIK Imaging custom development.

In order to provide highly customizable solutions to our customers we offer development services which complement our product line: customization and re-branding of our photo and video applications, integration of our libraries into your application, implementation of custom algorithms in library modules. We do custom development projects which are directly related to our core competence in image and video processing.

Our goal is to provide outstanding service in terms of time and quality through extensive use of ready available STOIK Imaging products, modules, and code in custom products. We generally do not do 'work for hire' outsourcing jobs.

Product customization and re-branding for hardware and software vendors.

STOIK makes world-class image and video processing software distributed in millions copies worldwide. Our portfolio includes more than 20 consumer titles licensed to over 30 publishers on all continents.
We cover all imaginable functionality in digital photo and video, and it is not surprising that many leading hardware and software vendors license OEM versions of our products to provide additional value to their customers.
To meet specific needs we can deeply modify our existing products by adding new functions, changing feature set, and total interface redesign.

  • Customization of functionality and feature set.
    Versatile open API structure of our core libraries used in applications allow unprecedented level of possible interface and functional customization, sometimes as easy as editing of INI file or registry settings.
  • Deep re-branding of user interface.
    We can redesign graphics of the programs to match your product look-and-fill using your branding graphics and with the help of our own designers.
  • Support of particular hardware.
    Optimize product to run better on your particular device, or support non-standard driver or communication protocol
  • Integration with your software applications
    To make integration seamless we can offer our own API, implement custom handshaking, or support standard API for particular architecture
  • Multilingual support
    We have many products already available in multiple languages, code is well prepared for fast translation to any European or Eastern language.


Our customized photo and video applications were licensed for worldwide bundle with hardware and software products by:
Samsung Camera, Pinnacle Systems, CeWe Color, Telepix Imaging, iSeeMedia, Macmillan Software, Primax International, and others.

Custom libraries

STOIK Imaging owns the complete image and video processing library in source codes, written and polished for many years. Complete as in Complete Shakespeare - the library includes all imaginable image processing functions, and everything from file converters and sophisticated filters, to compression algorithms and GUI engines was coded in-house, with all rights owned exclusively by STOIK Imaging. For any problem you may have we probably have a solution, and an efficient code.

To meet the specific needs of your application we will prepare custom image processing library either conforming to STOIK Imaging proprietary API, or modified to support the specific interface or data structure to provide seamless integration with your applications.

  • Image processing filters conforming to custom API and data structures.
    Unlike other suppliers of image processing libraries, we do not limit your options to the use of STOIK Imaging proprietary API. We are ready to modify modules to implement specific interface and support of custom data structures.
  • Custom compression engines and file converters.
    Since we have all file converters and compression engines available in source code, we can easily add/support numerous custom extensions to various formats such as JPEG or TIFF.
  • Functions on demand.
    We love algorithmic challenges. If you cannot find the function you need among over 300 already available in STOIK Imaging library, we are ready to develop new tool for custom version of the library for you.

Function list

The complete function list is available upon request. Please indicate what functionality is of primary interest and provide brief info about your company and products.


Our customized image processing libraries were licensed by: Berkeley Systems, Gretag, Samsung Electronics, Telepix Imaging, Netscape Communications Corp., Quarterdeck Corp., and others.

Technology on demand

If you cannot find the function you need among over 400 already available in STOIK Imaging products, we are ready to develop new tool or custom library for you.

Come to us with unsolved problem from any field of digital imaging science and you will witness the efficiency of our unique team - all our programmers are both excellent C++ coders and image processing specialists.

We have 5 holders of PhD title, 3 of them obtained their degrees during their employment in STOIK Imaging with research topics ranging from object and signal recognition to wavelet compression.

Overall PanoramaMaker delivers a strong tool for stitching together multiple images without breaking the bank.
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Liz Masoner,

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