STOIK FaceCheck SDK Demo

STOIK FaceCheck server accepts input photos and order data as a POST message with multipart/form-data. The server detects face in the input photo, extract facial features, compares them to multiple library photos stored on the server, and finds best matching photos from the database stored on the server. This sample upload form allows to test service manually. Load JPEG file with portrait photo and click Find best matches! button. The results of face matching will be generated on a web page.

Sample Upload


- Should contain portrait photo (otherwise No Face Found response will be generated)

- Must be JPEG file, less than 200kB

This demo compares your photo to a Japanese actor's photo databases

Select database:

Match to male actor database

Match to female actor database

I commend you and your team for the enhancements to your [STOIK Imagic] 5.0 product.
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Andy Bull

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