STOIK Mobile Morphing Servers

 STOIK Mobile Morphing Servers is a suite of server-side SDKs (server applications and front-end scripts) which provide various 'visual fun' extensions to MMS services.

STOIK offers several MMS fun services built upon STOIK face detection, recognition, and morphing technologies. The software is available as a web services or server SDKs and are targeted for use by mobile carriers and MMS content providers.

  • Provide value added services to MMS customers
  • Stimulate MMS traffic
  • Spice up your mobile community portals with fun imaging applications and look-alike contests

CelebMorphing SDK

Find the celebrity who looks like you, calculate the look-alike percentage, generate the morphing animation between yourself and your ‘star twin’.

STOIK Mobile Morphing server accepts input photos sent from customer's phone as an MMS. The server detects face in the input photo, extracts facial features, compares them to multiple 'celeb' library photos stored on the server, and generates morphing transition between input photo and best matching library photo. Morphing is generated as an animated GIF and is sent back as MMS to customer together with the name of the best matching library photo and the 'likeliness' percentage.

FaceCheck SDK

Check who is your look-alike among celebrities.

The low-weight version of the CelebMorphing, this server generates a list of your top look-alike celebrities and calculates 'likeliness' percentage. This server does not generate any images and thus does not require royalty payment for the use of copyrighted celebrity photos.

FaceMix SDK

Generate a 'face mix' portrait from two photos.

This server accepts two photos as an input and generates a 'face mix' portrait of the two faces found in the input photos. Like FaceCheck service, FaceMix does not use any copyrighted photos which require separate usage royalty.

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