STOIK Solutions for Businesses

STOIK offers a wide range of products and services to end-users, software and hardware vendors, system integrators, and developers.

Licensing STOIK Image Processing Technologies

A number of image and video processing and enhancement algorithms used in STOIK end-user products are available for licensing by OEM software developers and hardware vendors. Over 16 years of constant development and production testing resulted in highly optimized, error-free code. Today, the libraries comprise millions of lines of code. All technologies from special effects, filters and file converters to complete applications are available for licensing on flexible terms.

Customers using STOIK technologies include RICOH, SMI Group, Netscape Communications Corp., Quarterdeck Corp., Berkeley Systems, Samsung Electronics, Primax International, Darim Vision, Telepix Imaging, GT Interactive, and many others.

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White Label Software for Publishers and Local Dealers

Since 1994, STOIK has been distributing its software through an extensive dealer network in Europe, Asia, and Americas. While maintaining four distinctive product lines, STOIK targets all major market segments from home users and professionals to business environments. Today, STOIK distributes 20 commercial titles via retail channels of several European countries, Japan, and the USA. The company is actively looking for dealers in North and Latin America, UK, Scandinavia, and Southern Europe.

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