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Removing the dreaded red-eye effect from digital photos.

As you'd probably guess from the name, this application's primary job is to remove the dreaded red-eye effect from digital photos. Although you'll find a tutorial as well as an unnecessary instructional nag screen, you may not need any help, thanks to the user-friendly interface.

In addition to correcting red-eye problems, Stoik Redeye Autofix lets you configure image strength and sensitivity. Beyond those features, however, you won't find any other image-editing tools to speak of. You do get an option for printing your corrected photos, and the ability to remove red eyes from many photos at once is a convenient perk.

However, since many other programs offer red-eye removal in addition to plentiful editing features, we think Stoik Redeye Autofix is a good bet for folks who primarily need its batch-removal powers. Other users can find a more comprehensive option.


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