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PCWorld Editorial Review of STOIK Imagic

If you're looking for a solid player, viewer, and editor for photos and other media--but don't want to pay a penny for it--consider Stoik Imagic. It does an excellent job of letting you browse through and play your media, and includes some nice editing tools as well.

Browsing media is a breeze; you navigate through your hard disk in Windows Explorer-like fashion, and when you come to a folder with media, you'll see it all. Double click a file to play it or view it, and to edit it. For images, you can remove red eye, crop and rotate, adjust brightness and color, retouch photos, and more. For videos, you can add titles, effects, narrations, and transitions, and export to DVD, and more. Unlike with some other photo and video editing software, Stoik Imagic makes it all very easy to use.

For more powerful tools you'll have to pay for Stoik Imagic Premium ($49), which includes features such as more paint brushes and canvases, a clone tool, and MPEG4 support. For the first 30 days of using the program, the "Premium" features are visible but disabled. After that time, if you don't pay, you can still use the free version without the premium features. After that time, the word "Free" appears on the toolbar instead of "Trial," and the advanced user features are greyed out. If you clicks the advanced features, a message appears asking for registration.

Whether you're interested in premium features or just the basics, Stoik Imagic is worth a look.

Preston Gralla