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Amusing possibilities that would be especially fun for children

Image-editing tools usually fall into either the serious or fun categories. This one sits squarely in the latter.

Deformer includes a range of tools that let you elongate, expand, shrink, and otherwise distort specific areas of digital images. Although there are a lot of tools, the differences in their effects aren't always apparent, and they lack precision, with each separated into small, medium, and large areas of effect.

Differently distorted versions of the same image can be added to a timeline, and the results can be exported as full or compressed AVI. animated GIF, or single image. The interface also conveys the idea of fun, with big icons for buttons. Unfortunately, the icons aren't all that intuitive, but a decent help file can be found under the Options button.

Multitaskers will find the full-screen interface annoying, as will anyone trying to quit the program. The exit button is only available from a single screen, accessible by hitting the finish button.

Deformer offers some amusing possibilities that would be especially fun for children, but its interface could use some tweaking.


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