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PhotoID: Capture Perfect ID Pictures Every Time

PhotoID: Capture Perfect ID Pictures Every Time

Use your camera-equipped smartphone to make perfect ID pictures for legal documents. PhotoID accommodates a wide range of requirements, allowing you to take pictures of the right size and proportions. As a result, ID photos taken with PhotoID can be used with visa applications, passport forms, driver’s licenses, government and custom ID badges.

Accommodating Legal Photo Requirements

Government-issued ID’s, passports, and visa applications have very strict requirements regarding the pictures. A valid picture meeting all the requirements is a vital part of your application.

Normally, the photo requirements will specify picture size and proportions and require a specific composition, specifying margins between the bottom of the chin and the top of the head.

Meeting these requirements is possible in post-processing. PhotoID will display guide lines with eye and chin levels, helping you achieve a perfectly tight crop. 

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