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New product released - Noise AutoFix for mobile

New product released - Noise AutoFix for mobile

STOIK Noise AutoFix for Nokia Makes Mobile Photography Noise-Free

STOIK Imaging releases a mobile version of STOIK Noise AutoFix for Nokia smartphones. Running on a supported Nokia cameraphones, the product enables noise-free photography with the built-in camera.

Packing an ever increasing number of megapixels into a tiny sensor pushes pixel density beyond reasonable levels. Basic optical laws do not allow these sensors taking sharp, noise-free photographs. The users of these phones still want reasonably sharp images free of grain and digital noise artefacts, at least when using their camera phones in well-lit conditions.

About STOIK Noise AutoFix for Nokia

STOIK Noise AutoFix for Nokia enables noise-free photography with pixel-cramped cameras featured in latest Nokia smartphones. The new product borrows its noise reduction algorithms from the desktop version of STOIK Noise AutoFix, improving noise levels by 2 to 3 EV stops. These algorithms were additionally optimized for digital cameras used in modern Nokia smartphones to reach the best results of noise reduction and fine details preservation. This, in turn, means that noise-free photography is now possible even with tiny, densely packed sensors used in Nokia camera phones.

Noise AutoFix installs as an app into a supported Nokia phone, and offers adaptive noise reduction for pictures taken with the built-in camera as well as any other images uploaded into the smartphone. By using Noise AutoFix, users can skip the PC processing altogether, sending clean and noise-free pictures to other mobile users without first uploading them to the computer and “cleaning up”.

Noise AutoFix removes excess image noise from mobile photos after the shot is taken and before the photos get onto the PC, cutting post-processing time and eliminating unnecessary noise reduction steps. The pictures transferred onto the user’s PC will be clean, clear and free of noise straight from the phone.

STOIK Noise AutoFix for Nokia makes use of STOIK adaptive noise reduction algorithms that were only available on desktop platforms before. Users of Noise AutoFix get clean and clear sky, smooth surfaces and feature-rich textures such as foliage, hair and fur.


STOIK Noise AutoFix for Nokia is compatible with the latest Nokia smartphones running Symbian^3 OS. Please refer to the product’s Web site for an up to date list of supported devices.

Pricing and Availability

STOIK Noise AutoFix is available from OVI Store. The unlimited full version is available for $6.

More information is available at STOIK Noise AutoFix for Nokia product page.

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