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MetroFax Licenses STOIK Imaging Technology for Sharp Image Faxing Directly from iPhone, Android Cameras

MetroFax Licenses STOIK Imaging Technology for Sharp Image Faxing Directly from iPhone, Android Cameras

Internet fax provider MetroFax announces the licensing of the STOIK Document Enhancement SDK for mobile platforms from prominent image technology leader STOIK Imaging. The licensing agreement includes technology incorporated into the latest release of MetroFax Mobile for Android and iPhone.

MetroFax Mobile enables you to send as well as quickly review, download, and manage faxes on your Androiddevice or iPhone. Images captured directly with the device’s camera are enhanced and optimized for fax legibility and minimal file size.

“STOIK Imaging provides image enhancements that enable our MetroFax customers to send fax images captured directly from the Android or iPhone that they always carry,” said Brent Wayland, CEO for MetroFax. “Faxing an image from the field is important to many of our customers and our partnership with STOIK Imaging assures that the photo is the best possible for faxing.”

“It was a challenge for us,” says Dmitry Harchenko, STOIK Imaging CEO. “There were demanding quality expectations and tight deadlines to meet. We’re happy we were able to meet the high standards, and hope MetroFax customers will enjoy the new service and benefit from using it”.

MetroFax Mobile app for Android is available in the Android Market and at the MetroFax website. MetroFax Mobile app for iPhone is available in the Apple App Store.

About MetroFax
Founded in 1997, MetroFax is a leading provider of online faxing with service starting at $7.95 per month. The MetroFax no contract, no gotcha service includes a generous monthly allotment of fax pages with no extra charges for faxes to locations within the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico regardless of transmission time. Customers can choose inbound toll-free or local fax numbers in thousands of cities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. For additional product information, visit metrofax.com.

About STOIK Imaging
Founded in 1994, Moscow, Russia-based STOIK Imaging is a private company dedicated to image/video processing software development. With its foundation in image processing and data acquisition of the Soviet space program, today STOIK Imaging is focused on development of commercial graphics software for consumer and professional markets. Software and image processing technology is licensed to companies worldwide.


STOIK Imaging
Kahovka str. d. 10, korp. 3,
Moscow, 117461, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 225 13 27

MetroFax is a registered trademark of MetroFax, Inc.

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