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STOIK MDScan Turns Nokia Smartphones into Portable Document Scanners

STOIK MDScan Turns Nokia Smartphones into Portable Document Scanners

STOIK Imaging announces the release of STOIK MDScan, an app that turns a Nokia smartphone with built-in digital camera into a fully featured multi-page scanner.

MDScan enables users to scan checks, receipts, business cards, and multiple page documents by simply taking pictures with a built-in camera phone. JPEG images or PDF files can be produced. Advanced processing options automatically correct for geometric distortions of captured document images, whiten pages and remove unwanted background details, producing clean, clear and legible documents that take minimum spaces in the phone’s memory.

About STOIK MDScan

STOIK’ new mobile scanner app makes it possible to scan documents, business cards and complex documents in a snap of a camera phone. A range of automated image processing functions can produce a clean document with black text on plain white background out of a complex source. Documents with plain white background are easier on the eyes, take less space in phone’s memory, save traffic when mailed or toner when printed.

Two versions are available. The full edition includes all advanced processing options as well as the ability to save scanned documents as JPEG images or PDF files. The free Lite edition does not include the ability to whiten backgrounds or clean up background textures. In addition, the Lite version does not feature the ability to export scanned documents into PDF files.

Advanced Processing Options

A number of advanced processing options are included in the full version of MDScan, and are missing from the Lite edition.

With Auto Selection, one can take captures of document images at an angle: the function will automatically extract document content, crop and correct geometric distortions.

The innovative Clean Background feature cleans up document background by removing textures and distracting background elements from bank checks, passports, ID cards, tickets and similar documents with busy backgrounds.

By using White Background, it is easy to produce documents with black text on a white background, even if inverse fonts (bright text on dark background) or light colors were used in the source image.

Find More information and FREE trial version on STOIK MDScan product page.

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