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New version of STOIK Document Image Enhancement SDK released

STOIK Imaging announces a major update to STOIK Document Image Enhancement SDK, a toolkit for mobile developers allowing to implement paperless workflow into mobile and imaging applications. With the use of Document Image Enhancement SDK, developers can process pictures of documents taken with camera phones and communicators to produce documents that are clearly legible and free of noise, unwanted patterns and geometric distortions.

The new release adds the ability automatically correct geometric and 3D perspective distortions. These distortions are commonly introduced by phone-camera users, e.g. trapezoid distortions resulting from the camera being held at an angle to the document being captured. The ability to automatically extract document area is improved with much highest accuracy, now allowing Document Image Enhancement SDK to extract document contents even if the image feature heterogeneous background or have low contrast between the text and background. In addition, the newly added customizable adaptive binarization technique consistently produces clean, clear and perfectly legible documents from noisy, shaded or low-contrast images taken in bad lighting conditions.

The product can be used on smartphones’ hardware in its ‘fast’ mode, or off-load computation-intensive tasks onto an external server or cloud for even higher quality processing. A wide range of presets is available for common tasks (e.g. A4/letter, business card, receipt, ID card, etc.)

STOIK Document Image Enhancement SDK for Mobile Developers

STOIK Document Image Enhancement SDK helps mobile developers implementing paperless workflow into their mobile or graphic editing products. By offering a wide range of semi-auto and fully automated image processing options, the newly updated SDK can produce legible documents out of snapshots taken with a camera phone. The SDK accommodates a wide range of shooting conditions, and corrects most common problems in document images such as bad lighting, insufficient contrast, difficult backgrounds, unwanted patterns, and many types of user errors. Geometric and 3D perspective distortion correction can be also performed completely automatically.

The mobile version offers lighter processing options in the ‘fast’ mode. A wide range of presets help processing different types of documents and solving common tasks such as scanning an A4/letter size document, business card, receipt, ID, and so on.

Benefits for End Users

Document images processed with products implementing functionality from STOIK Document Image Enhancement SDK bring higher quality text recognition (OCR). Processed documents are easier on the eyes, offering clear and legible text that is free of unwanted patterns, backgrounds or colors. In addition, processed document images take less storage space and save toner/cartridge resources when printed, scanned or faxed. 

Pricing and Availability

STOIK Document Image Enhancement SDK is immediately available in 32-bit and 64-bit editions, and supports current versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, Android, and Symbian.  A free evaluation version as well as pricing information is available upon request.

For more information please visit STOIK Document Image Enhancement SDK product page

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