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New STOIK Deformer has been released

New STOIK Deformer has been released

STOIK Imaging brings back STOIK Deformer, a long-time entertainment product allowing the users to create amusing distorted sceneries, moving caricatures and animated avatars out of a single still image. 

Deformer adds amazing special effects to pictures, photos and avatars, allowing to produce still images and animated sequences with a variety of distortion effects such as Ripple, Whirls, Waves, Explosion, Collapse, Pixel Storm, and many others.
In due time, the old Deformer did was not updated to support the new operating systems, and would not run on modern PCs. The newest release adds support for modern operating systems, including full support of Windows 7 and Vista.

About STOIK Deformer

STOIK Deformer is out to let its users have fun deforming and transforming photos and avatars into something else. Through a variety of transformations with the collection of visual tools, one can create a distorted avatar – still or animated. Caricature portraits and surreal landscapes, still and animated, are just a few other possibilities to mention. Users can import images in a variety of formats, or scan photographs directly into Deformer.

STOIK Deformer runs real fast, performing the most complex transformations in real time – regardless of the size of the original image. Animations can be exported into WMV files or saved as animated GIF files, making for a perfect forum avatar. 

What's new in version 4

  • STOIK Imagic 5 integration.
  • Compatible with Windows 7.
  • Simplified user interface and workflow.
  • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) protocol support for scanners and digital cameras.
  • Windows Media Video (WMV) output.

For more information and FREE download visit STOIK Deformer page

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