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New version of Photo Deformer released

New version of Photo Deformer released

STOIK Imaging updates STOIK Photo Deformer, an entertainment tool allowing Android users produce still and animated caricatures out of an ordinary photo, adding a range of automation and social integration enhancements.

The new release boosts automated face recognition and pre-defined morphing templates, allowing to produce caricatures completely automatically in just a click. The newly added Facebook integration can grab images from a Facebook stream and upload caricatures and avatars back into Facebook in just a few clicks.

Running on the Android platform, STOIK Photo Deformer amuses the crowd by introducing spectacular special effects to pictures and photos. The newly added facial recognition feature automatically detects faces on people’s photos, producing funny caricatures without too much of an effort. A number of pre-defined templates are available for making perfect caricatures in just a click, while five individual effects remain within an arm’s reach for the adventurous explorer.

About STOIK Photo Deformer

STOIK Photo Deformer is out to let Android users have fun deforming and transforming their photos into something else. Through a variety of transformations with the collection of pre-sets and individual tools, one can create a distorted avatar – still or animated, in real-time. Users can open pictures stored on the device, import photos from a Facebook stream, or use digital captures produced by the phone’s built-in camera. The added featured make having fun easier by taking boring manual steps out of the process.

The new version of STOIK Photo Deformer for Android comes with Facebook photo stream download and upload support, supports multi-touch and device’s built-in camera. The tool carries five image deformation tools, each of which can be applied with Weak, Normal and Strong settings. Thanks to its high-performance engine, STOIK Photo Deformer can produce stunning animations in real-time. 

Pricing and Availability

Android users can get STOIK Deformer from the Android market. The ad-sponsored version is free, while the Professional edition without the ads costs $1.

STOIK Photo Deformer available at Android Market

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