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New PanoramaMaker for Mac (beta) available for free.

The famous panorama making tool is now available for Mac. STOIK PanoramaMaker for Mac

Literally all of the existing solutions fail to render the image properly when a moving object gets in the picture: blurred or misshapen images ruin the shot. STOIK PanoramaMaker for Mac has a special algorithm (Object-Preserving Blending), which makes allowance for that issue and stitches the exposures error-free. Among available features are lens and geometrical compensation, manual matching of images. Minimizing uneven brightness, double-edge defect and curves in the picture are the application's commons.

The workflow takes only 3 steps: adding images, selecting the stitching mode, and obtaining the result.
The automatic image transformation, alignment and color blending are optimized to correct differences in brightness, color balance, and camera tilt angle. The application automatically assembles horizontal, vertical, 360-degree and tiled panoramas.
The new version also adds the automatic creation of tiled panorama from several rows of photos or a panorama from photos taken with different camera focal length. In complex cases, the images can be assembled and stitched manually.

If you are not a Mac admirer you can try or famous PanoramaMaker for Windows.
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