Noise AutoFix

Automatically Remove Noise and correct exposure of your photos right on smartphone

Noise AutoFix

Noise AutoFix program offers completely automated intelligent grain, dust and noise reduction, producing clean and clear high-ISO images out of grainy snapshots.

Get exceptional low-light performance combined with high level of detail in images taken with mobile phone cameras, smartphones and camera phones. Remove noise from your images with Noise AutoFix program and let your pictures be clean and clear!

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STOIK Noise AutoFix: Built-in Noise Reduction for Nokia Phones

Removing Digital Photo Noise

Images taken with pixel-cramped camera phones often come out blotchy, grainy or plain noisy. The effect of digital noise is especially pronounced in dense, multi-megapixel sensors employed in latest Nokia smartphones. Optical laws dictate that any images taken with such a tiny, pixel-cramped camera will come out – well, blotchy. Even in good light.

The Megapixel War

Packing dozens of megapixels into tiny sensors pushes pixel density to levels unseen ever before. The result of this marketing-driven race is – you get it – a very high level of digital noise that plagues pictures taken even at bright light.

How to Reduce Digital Noise

How to reduce the amount of noise in photos taken with a camera phone? The obvious way is processing pictures with a noise reduction program once you download the images onto your PC. The problem is, with hundreds of photos the process may take a while, barring many users from ever attempting doing this again.

In-Camera Noise Reduction for Nokia Phones

STOIK Noise AutoFix offers a completely new way of removing excessing color blotching, noise and grain from pictures made with mobile camera phones and smartphones while preserve all the crispness and fine detail of the original image.

Installed as an app, Noise AutoFix can be engaged after a photo is taken with your camera phone. The photo enhancement software is designed to eliminate digital noise and grain when you’re shooting something on your mobile or camera phone. The image denoising program can clean excessive noise in pictures from any portable sources, such as cams, mobile phones or scanners right in your smartphone.

Got Noise?

The innovative photo enhancement program removes excessive image noise from mobile photos, suppressing image defects without affecting fine detail. The noise reduction step works directly on the phone, relieving you from the need to upload pictures onto a PC for clean-up. At the time you’re ready to transfer the pictures on your computer the shots will be absolutely clean and clear, saving you hours of post-processing.

Send Noise-Free Pictures Straight Out Of Your Phone

With Noise AutoFix, no PC is required. All processing is done right there, on your mobile phone. Send clean, clear and noise-free images straight out of your mobile phone! No need to upload pictures onto a PC for further processing.

Remove Noise and Grain from Digital Photos with Noise AutoFix!

Noise AutoFix occupies a unique market niche, being the only mobile application designed for Nokia phones to take care of excessive image noise. The new denoising tool removes dust and grain, reduces color blotches and eliminates digital noise with adaptive noise correction algorithms. All that is done completely automatically and right in the phone!

How Much Noise Reduction Is Needed?

Todays digital SLRs are essentially free of noise and blotching until up to ISO 1600, with higher end cameras offering noise-free performance at such ISO levels as 6400 and even 12,800. Camera phones pack similar amount of pixels into a sensor that is orders of magnitude smaller, proportionally decreasing low-light performance and increasing digital noise. In a word, you’ll be incredibly lucky if you can get a reasonably noisy shot in good light at the lowest ISO. But you won’t.

Noise AutoFix implements the newest noise reduction algorithms developed by STOIK, bringing them right into your Nokia phone. The noise is effectively reduced by 2-3 EV stops. In terms of a digital SLR that would mean that the noise level of a photo taken at ISO 1600 is effectively reduced to ISO 200-400 levels. In terms of your Nokia camera phone, this means noise-free images shot at ISO 100-200.

Low-light Photography Made Easy

The new noise remover offers completely automated intelligent noise reduction and correction, turning blotchy high-ISO snapshots into perfectly clear images. The noise eraser tool effectively removes persistent noise from your pictures and photos.

High Sensitivity Noise Elimination

Noise AutoFix comes handy in low light (indoors or during the night). It’s immensely useful for taking high-speed action photos, eliminating noise and grain from smartphone digital images.

Create amazing low-light photos and enhance your photos with Noise AutoFix! The newest mobile noise removal tool contains adaptive algorithms optimized for digital cameras used in modern smartphones, offering 2 to 3 EV stops improvement in digital noise without loss of visual quality.

The new noise removing program offers a perfect balance between reducing the noise and preserving fine image details such as foliage and textures. Noise AutoFix preserves the natural look of your photos by selectively applying its noise reduction algorithms at various areas of the image.

You’ll get clean and clear sky and smooth surfaces combined with natural-looking foliage, hair, fur, and other textures.  

... we think Stoik Redeye Autofix is a good bet for folks who primarily need its batch-removal powers.
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STOIK Noise AutoFix (for Nokia) - before and after processing
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