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Document Image Enhancement

STOIK Document Image enhancement SDK is unique set of image processing libraries which allow developers of mobile, desktop and server-side applications process images taken with modern mobile devices like smartphone or tablets to small and legible documents.

Document Image Enhancement SDK could fully Automatically:

  • Detect document edges and extract it from source image;
  • Correct geometric distortion (trapezoid);
  • Align and rotate image;
  • Reduce noise and sharpen image;
  • Equalize brightness and contrast;
  • Boost brightness and contrast for easier text recognition;
  • Adaptive local contrast enhancement in grayscale documents;
  • Clean of document background;
  • Whiten document background
  • Apply threshold operation for producing strictly black/white documents with character thickness control and spot/line removal.

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General Image processing:

  • Automatic enhancement of image brightness/contrast/colors
  • Document Image Enhancement
  • Fully automatic Photo Noise Reduction for iPhone/iPad.
  • HDR image merging and 3D image creation
  • Image matching.
  • Automatic image quality estimation.
  • Edge-preserving Image Resizing.
  • Super-large files manipulation.
  • Morphing with feature detection.
  • Auto Red-Eye Removal
  • Auto Photo Noise Reduction
  • Auto Photo Panorama Stitching
  • Smart Image Resizing
  • Auto Scratch and Dust Removal
  • Advanced Raw conversion

Video technologies

With STOIK Video Enhancement SDK, developers can add essential video enhancement and conversion functionality into their projects by using just a few function calls. Remove motion blur and camera shake, clean up excessive noise or film grain, upscale SD video source into true high-definition, and correct video footage for exposure and color balance with a few lines of code.

  • High precise task oriented Motion estimation and compensation.
  • Video Enhancement including video noise reduction, upscaling based on STOIK Smart Super Resolution algorithm (SSSR) etc.
  • Video morphing
  • Auto video and audio analysis
  • Theme-based automatic video composition

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Software for Mobile Imaging

  • Smart Resizing of camera phone photos without loss of sharpness for printable quality. Read more ...
  • Automatic enhancement of camera phone photos.
  • Software for Mobile Imaging
  • Mobile Morphing server

Image Processing in medicine

  • Automatic Thoracic X-ray images registration and analysis

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PanoramaMaker is an excellent option for photographers wishing to capture large scenes of all types.
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